Premium Smoke Air Purifiers

An individual's health can be negatively affected by smoke from many sources. The most common are smoke from tobacco, cigarette, wildfires, trash burning, and brush fires. 

The number of wildfires occurring in the United States continues to increase each year. Statistical data provided by indicated that there were an average of about 62,693 wildfires annually between 2011-2020. We are all aware of the large number of wildfires that took place across the West Coast in 2020.

Wildfire Smoke can cause your nose to run and eyes to burn. The fine particles from the smoke can get in your lungs and can cause many health problems, and are known to worsen chronic heart and lung diseases.

According to the, smoking tobacco can lead to disease and disability. Further, it can cause a number of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In addition, smoking tobacco increases the risk of problems on the immune system.

With all these serious problems caused by wildfires and tobacco smoke, individuals, restaurants, and bar owners have  relied heavily on air purifiers for removing toxic smoke from indoor environments.

Air purifiers have been tested with different technologies for filtering smoke from the air. Air purifiers with HEPA filters and Carbon filters are the best choice against smoke. 

Our collection of Smoke/Wildfire Air purifiers with carbon filters, tar barrier pre filters, HEPA filters, and other technologies are proven and tested for effectively filtering the toxins in smoke from the air!