Lab Confirmed: Airdog is a COVID Killer

Tested and proven, Airdog's patented TPA Technology not only eliminates the common influenza virus, but also destroys the novel Coronavirus by a rate of 99.02% in just 30 seconds, making Airdog a top choice by businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities.



Airdog is a leading air purifier company. 

Our Airdog air purifiers combine high-performance waste elimination with revolutionary disposable filter cartridges that are powerful and inexpensive.
Airdog was awarded by the German Design in 2017 and Korean Good Design.

Patented Indoor Air Sterilizing Technology Destroys COVID-19 

Airdog Receives A+ Rating as the Perfect Solution for K-12 Schools

Going well beyond the limits of traditional purification, Airdog is tested as the most effective waste-free indoor air solution on the market. Unlike outdated technology, Airdog combines purification and sterilzation to rid your indoor air of not only dust and allergens, but also infectious bacteria and viruses that can linger in the air your breathe and quickly spread illness throughout your indoor space.

Patented Benefits

Virus Killing

Anihilates infectious bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 by over99%


Outperforms HEPA

Patented technology not only collects but destroys airborne particles.


Record Breaking

Removes microscopic pollutants down to 14.6 nanometers in size.


Washable Filtration

Requires no expensive filter replacements or maintenance.


Portable and HVAC Options Available

Let our team help you choose the best fit for your school or facility.