Baby Nursery Air Purifiers

Keeping the air as clean as possible is very important to babies because their lungs are still developing. 

According to an article in on children and air pollution, when children are exposed to air pollution, they face special risk because their lungs are growing. In fact, the air pollution affects their lungs even before they are born and may lead to increased risk of preterm birth. Air pollution may also result lung growth in children who grew up in air polluted areas. The study found that cleaning up the air pollutions can result in reduce risk to children. 

A study on the effects of air pollution on children found that ambient air pollution led to an increase in infant mortality, respiratory problems, school absenteeism, and immune system problems. Good air quality may be important even before birth, as contaminated air was found to be connected to difficulties during pregnancy and a higher rate of birth defects.

To improve the air quality in your baby's nursery and your home in general, vacuuming the carpet once a week is not enough. Getting an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter and other innovative technologies will also do wonders for filtering the air.

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