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7 Reasons Why You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home

by Henrietta Hanna 19 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Did you notice peeling wallpaper or paint damage on the living room wall? Is mildew visible on your tiles and shower curtains? High humidity is the likely reason behind these problems. But it’s not just about house damage. If it’s too moist, that’s not beneficial for your health, especially in the long run. It’s time to take control of the humidity levels in your home!

Technology is your friend on that journey. Acquiring the best dehumidifier is essential for residential structures. The intro mentioned the basics, but this guide expands and covers all the benefits of these devices. Here’s why dehumidifiers are a wise investment for any house!


Why You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home

Dehumidifiers belong to the air conditioning appliance category. Their task is to reduce water vapor levels throughout your house. Dehumidifiers are compact devices that don’t take up much room.

The appliance begins by drawing air from the surrounding area. It enters the cooling coils and contracts. The device keeps the condensation, and the air that returns isn’t that moist. Apart from the main unit, dehumidifiers also have storage tanks. These collect water drops removed from the air that entered the device.

1. Reduce Allergy Symptoms and Help Control Asthma

Health benefits are the crucial reasons for getting dehumidifiers. Dealing with allergies tops the list, since many triggers come from the air. Dust mites enjoy humidity levels of over 65%. 

A specialized appliance that reduces air moisture can easily lower the percentage below those levels. Mold is another common allergy trigger. It can lead to sneezing, eye irritation, and even chest pain.

High-moisture environments aren’t suitable for those dealing with asthma either. It’s more difficult to breathe there, but decreasing humidity can help. It’s hard to talk about treating asthma with these appliances. However, they don’t have a negative effect. Moreover, they create a better breathing environment to assist in managing the symptoms.

2. Helps Prevent Mold and Mildew

    Most homeowners have problems with mold development and growth. Basements and bathrooms are areas where it appears. Mildew allergies are common, and the fungus can lead to respiratory issues. But it can also cause structural damage. If mold appears, the natural materials in that location will start breaking down. It’s the biodegradation process that results in those damp patches on your walls or floors.

    Humidity levels above 50% contribute to mold growth. If you reduce air dampness levels, it helps put this fungus under control. It will discourage new mold development, which is the first step in getting rid of it.

    3. Assists in Eliminating Dust Mites

      High humidity also provides excellent conditions for dust mites to develop. If you or other household members experience wheezing, this is a probable reason behind it. Warmth and humidity contribute to their growth. You should also consider using an AC to lower the indoor air temperature.

      Dust mites are persistent and resistant, so it’s hard to eliminate them completely. But keeping them out of most rooms and discouraging their growth is imperative. Humidifiers can play a crucial role in providing unfavorable conditions for dust mites.

      4. Helps Keep Your House’s Structural Integrity

        Mold leads to stains on walls and other surfaces. These minor damages can often turn into major problematic areas if you don’t act on time. Dehumidifying your indoor air can help small issues turn into huge repairs. And these appliances even take the next step when it comes to protecting your home.

        As time passes, moisture affects wooden structures throughout the house. Support beams would deteriorate, deform, and even crack due to high humidity. And wood isn’t the only vulnerable surface. Rust might be noticeable in metal fittings. That could lead to structural damage, which compromises the house’s safety. Dehumidifying indoor air will ensure the structure preserves its integrity.

        5. You’ll Feel Better When Spending Time Inside

          Have you ever had a seaside vacation in areas with high humidity? If yes, you know how difficult it is to spend a long time at the beach at above-average temperatures. The conditions seem way warmer than they are. It’s the same feeling that appears in indoor areas with high humidity.

          You don’t need to activate your AC to make spending time inside more comfortable. It can be more efficient in removing moisture. Getting that extra couple of degrees lower can be vital, especially during the summer months.

          6. It Can Efficiently Remove Moisture from Any Area

            Humidity levels can increase in any room. However, it’s more common for moisture to appear in bathrooms, attics, and basements. Crawl spaces are susceptible to dampness, but dehumidifiers are versatile enough for any area. 

            You have specialized and efficient portable appliances. They are suitable for crawl spaces and rooms prone to developing high dampness. If you assume the problem with moisture is serious, don’t go for the random dehumidifier Walmart sells. Instead, focus on finding a suitable unit that will remove dampness efficiently.

            Apart from classic appliances, you also have SLGR devices available. These are the latest trends in the dehumidifier market. The abbreviation stands for Super LGR technology. The approach helps pump moisture out faster and more efficiently.

            7. Other Important Reasons Why You Should Get Humidifiers

              It’s possible to divide all advantages into two categories. That includes health benefits and those that contribute to your house’s appearance and preserving structural integrity. Here’s a quick overview of some other reasons why dehumidifiers are wise investments:

              • It prevents musty odors. High moisture levels often come with unpleasant smells. Removing dampness will also eliminate these odors.

              • It can help deal with water leakage cleanup. If you have a basement flood, you could use dehumidifiers to help absorb water. It will accelerate the drying process.

              • The condensation will be minimal. There won’t be droplets forming on windows since dehumidifiers would reduce condensation.

              • Reduced risk of pests. Rats and insects consider musty environments attractive. It’s not the only risk, but controlling humidity helps keep them at bay.

              • Prolong food freshness. Cereals and bread will stay fresh longer. Even your clothes will dry faster when it’s less humid.

              • Lower energy expenses. Many dehumidifiers come with Energy Star certificates to confirm optimal efficiency. And you don’t have to turn on the AC if you want to make the space more comfortable by reducing humidity.


              What Are the Best Home Dehumidifiers in 2022 and Beyond?

              You can head to the dehumidifier Home Depot section and pick a random unit. But that’s not the point because the appliance should meet your house’s requirements. Depending on the size, area, and other factors, dehumidifiers can help reach air moisture levels of 30-50%. These top-rated models are current user favorites!

              AlorAir® Sentinel HD55(Blue)

              As a homeowner, you don’t need commercial-grade dehumidifiers. It’s enough to find a compact, efficient unit that can remove moisture from your house. The unit is compact and suitable for crawl spaces. It weighs 57 pounds to facilitate a simple transfer to the desired location. Adjustable feet ensure optimal positioning, and the product is surprisingly quiet. It keeps the noise level under 52dBa.

              The dehumidifying device uses a MERV-8 filter and has an automatic defrosting feature. Even if it works at 33F, it can deal with the ice easily. You can control it with a remote. The sheer power will ensure the dehumidifying process removes up to 120 pints of water daily. The drainage system is impressive, and the product comes with all the necessary certificates. That even includes an Energy Star sign, as well as a five-year warranty.

              AlorAir® Storm SLGR 1250X

              Dehumidifying is imperative during home restoration and similar projects. Commercial contractors would benefit from this device’s longevity. It can withstand heavy use, confirmed by the generous five-year warranty.

              Storm SLGT 1250x can optimize humidity in areas up to 3,000 square feet. That makes this an entire home or job-site de-moisturizing device. It packs huge power in only 80 pounds of weight. The product uses the R410A refrigerant and has a generous water removal capacity. The maximum is up to 264 pints daily.

              Alorair implemented Wi-Fi control over the device. You can adjust settings and check the status via an app. The rugged housing is durable and resistant to scratches and dents.

              Basement Dehumidifier with pump

              Here’s another dehumidifying device from the Sentinel series. The difference with the HD55 is that this model is more powerful. It’s suitable for large basements with the risk of 2,600 square feet.

              Alorair Sentinel will function at any temperature from 33 to 104F. It weighs only 78 pounds and can remove up to 90 pints of water daily. The automatic defrosting system ensures it keeps working in low-temperature conditions.


              Final Thoughts

              If you notice moist stains or smell a musty odor, it indicates indoor humidity levels are too high. Reducing dampness should be a priority for health reasons. Apart from improving indoor air quality, you’ll help protect the house from structural damage.

              Dehumidifiers will assist in taking control of air dampness levels. The best device is the one that meets your requirements. For example, a dehumidifier for the basement might need to be more powerful than the one in the living room. Don’t forget the importance of sticking to reliable brands. They design top-quality dehumidifying devices that deliver the promised results. You can find them in online stores and order today without even leaving the house!

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