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Top 11 Benefits Of Using Portable Air Purifiers

by Henrietta Hanna 31 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Breathing in clean air is a significant contributor to our health. The air we breathe can quickly contaminate pollutants, chemicals, and odors. It’s crucial to minimize microscopic particles. One way people can do this is with a portable air purifier. These units are often affordable, lightweight machines you can place in your home. 

We will use this article to outline the top eleven benefits of using portable air purifiers. This knowledge will help you find the best air purifier for your space. 

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Benefits Of Air Purifiers

With television and the digital age taking over, people are spending more time indoors. Our houses provide us with safety and warmth. However, they don’t necessarily provide us with clean air to breathe. Breathing in contaminated air can lead to lung-related illnesses and diseases. 

To help clean the air, we use air purifiers. Purifiers actually sanitize the air. This minimizes pollutants, toxins, odors, and allergens. Instead of covering up smells with essential oils or candles, air purifiers will clean the air. There are different types of air purifiers you can choose from. This can depend on the size of your space and other factors. Regardless, there are many benefits. 

We will discuss eleven of the top benefits of using an air purifier. 

1. Minimize Odors

There’s nothing worse than a strong smell in your home. This is especially true if you’ve cooked something strong, like fish or onions. Other things, such as pet dander, can cause strong odors. This can cause headaches and have an unpleasant effect. Having a clean-smelling home is enjoyable for everyone! Luckily, air purifiers can help with that. 

Air purifiers can help clean the air. They will remove the musty smell of dirty laundry or the strong smell of food. If you find yourself sensitive to smells, this will be very beneficial. This is a new concept from lighting a candle. While candles and room sprays add particles to the air, an air purifier will take particles out.

This means that the entire room will smell better while also being safer and cleaner to breathe. 

2. Improve Sleep

Many people find that they need white noise to sleep. White noise is slight background noise, such as a running fan or sound machine. White noise will help mask other noises that may disrupt sleep. This is highly beneficial. Many air purifiers emit white noise, which will help improve sleep

If white noise is too intense for you, you can opt for a more silent machine. These machines emit pink noise. Pink noise runs at a higher frequency. This means that it sounds deeper in tone. It allows you to become more used to the sound. However, it has many benefits for sleep as well. This subtle ocean-like noise is perfect for a good night’s sleep. 

3. Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Asthma can be a debilitating disease. It can lead to problems breathing. It can also cause wheezing, coughing, tightness of the chest, and a fast heartbeat. In fact, asthma attacks can be life-threatening. Many things can trigger asthma attacks. However, the things we breathe are some of the biggest concerns. Allergens, chemicals, and pollens can cause flare-ups. 

To avoid this, we recommend breathing clean air. You cannot control the outside environment. However, you can limit your contact with airborne contaminants. To do this, add an air purifier to your home. This will ensure that the oxygen you breathe inside is healthier. 

4. Maximize Life Expectancy 

In general, living a healthier life will improve life expectancy. If we improve lung function and oxygen intake, it can be assumed that we will live longer. It’s important to make healthy decisions. We spend a significant amount of time in our homes. Because of this, we want our home to be a place of health and safety. One way to ensure this is an air purifier. 

5. Minimize Chemicals in the Air

Some air purifiers come with activated carbon. These are the best home air purifiers for removing chemicals in the air. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that are released from everyday products. These products can be hard to avoid. Some examples are cleaners, paint, and aerosol sprays. Exposure to VOCs can cause mild symptoms such as irritation, and headache. Over time, they can lead to cancer. 

Instead of avoiding their usage, purify the air from them. Activated carbon is the only product that can do this. Ensure that your machine has a high enough carbon content. 

It’s important to note that air purifiers cannot clean carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or radon. These must be resolved and aired out accordingly. 

6. Reduce Stress

Stress is a very harmful emotion. It can cause serious ailments, such as sleep concerns, weight gain or loss, irritability, and more. Stress can be linked to a variety of diseases as well. It’s important to make decisions to limit stress in your everyday life. 

Air purifiers can do many things to reduce stress. Pink and white noise can both help with stress levels. They help drown out your thoughts and help you rebalance. The noise emitted by air purifiers is extremely helpful. 

Another thing to note is that pollutants can cause stress. There can be many negative consequences to breathing harmful contaminants. By eliminating this, you can reduce stress naturally.

7. Kill Germs

Nobody likes germs! Germs are on nearly everything we touch. They are even in the air! There are many consequences of germs. They can spread illness, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more. They can be extremely detrimental to health. 

Unfortunately, germs can’t be seen by the naked eye. However, they are almost everywhere. This is why we recommend using an antibacterial cleaner on hard surfaces. It’s important to clean countertops, sinks, toilets, door handles, and other surfaces. But, there’s one thing that’s hard to clean. That’s the air! 

While we can’t wipe down the air, we can clean it. Eradicate germs with an air purifier. Sprays such as Febreze will help mask the odor. However, it isn’t as beneficial as ultimately minimizing bacteria from the air. Air purifiers are the only way to do this. 

Some purifiers also come with ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light kills microorganisms quicker! They will help speed up  the process for a cleaner home. 

8. Minimize Airborne Illness and Disease

Some illnesses require you to come into direct contact with the infection. However, other illnesses can spread through the air. This means that if somebody coughs and the bacteria or virus is in the air, you can get it by breathing it! This makes these diseases spread extremely quickly. It can make this very harmful. 

Air purifiers with HEPA filters will help cleanse the air of disease and illness. This will ensure that you stay healthy. If you have a family member with a cold or flu, you’ll be less likely to get it. After surviving a world pandemic, it’s important to consider the best air purifier for COVID. These small considerations will keep your entire family healthier and safe. 

9. Minimize Allergies

More than 50 people in the United States alone suffer from allergies. Allergies can be to several different things. This includes foods, animals, pollen, and more. Allergy season is in the spring. During this time, allergies are more likely to flare up. This can be very uncomfortable. It can lead to coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and a runny nose. 

There isn’t much you can do to avoid allergies other than medications and Kleenex, especially if you’re allergic to pollen or grass. This season can be uncomfortable. Thankfully, you can retreat to your home where the air is clean. An air purifier will help clean the air. This will help alleviate annoying allergy symptoms. It will help you be more comfortable. Finding the best air purifier for allergies will help allergy season become more pleasant. 

10. Protect from Mold

Mold is an extremely harmful organism. Mold is caused by too much moisture or water. It can result in a musty and unpleasant smell. It can cause many health complications, such as headaches. Unfortunately, air purifiers will not kill mold. If you have a pre-existing mold infestation, you’ll have to remove the existing mold. Furthermore, you’ll want to address the humidity level in your home. 

An air purifier can help absorb the mold spores. This will help slow down the spreading of the mold. This can help lower the chances of mold occurring. It can also help slow the mold, so you can get a professional in to address the problem. 

If your air purifier works during a mold breakout, we recommend changing the filters after the problem is addressed. Mold spores can spread quickly off of one single spore. 

11. Portability

Portable air purifiers are light and mobile. You can conveniently move them from room to room. If you think that one room is suffering from odors, you can move it there. This will give you the flexibility you need! You can even put it in a camper to clean the air before a camping trip. 


There are many benefits of using portable air purifiers. These machines will help clean the air, reduce allergens, make your house smell better, and eliminate airborne illness. The air you breathe will be healthier and you’ll feel better! Carefully shop for the best air purifier for you. There are options with ultraviolet light, pink noise, white noise, and more. Having an air purifier will help your oxygen quality and make you feel great.. 

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