AlorAir Dehumidifier Yellow AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 747045158159
AlorAir Dehumidifier AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration
AlorAir Dehumidifier AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration
AlorAir Dehumidifier AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration
AlorAir Dehumidifier AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration
AlorAir Dehumidifier AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration
AlorAir Dehumidifier Green AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 747045158142
AlorAir Dehumidifier Blue AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 747045158166
AlorAir Dehumidifier Red AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 747045158173

AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 85 WI-FI

Vendor: AlorAir
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Color: Yellow

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AlorAir Dehumidifier Yellow AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 747045158159

AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 85 WI-FI


AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration 85 WI-FI

Color: Yellow




Are you looking to restore your home or business from a flood? The Storm Pro Dehumidifier is a powerful water damage restoration equipment that can be deployed for both domestic and commercial purposes.

The dehumidifier offers high-quality service with a low energy consumption rate. It comes with a host of features that make it just what you might want to use in high humidity conditions and flooding conditions.

There is an option for an outlet duct connection that is easy to handle even for a newbie. It is designed with simplicity but delivers impressively. You can disassemble the device and put it back together with ease.

In fact, the Storm Pro Dehumidifier can be dismantled serviced, and put back in record time. The equipment has been tested and proved to be working as a combination of expertise, innovation, and sturdiness.

Storm Pro Dehumidifier also use the rare earth alloy Tube Evaporator. The feature has been added to extend the life of the equipment. They offer suitable protection against corrosion and other effects from unknown elements.

The machine is fitted with a high-efficiency rotor that sucks away humidity at record speed.

Why Buy AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration?

1.  Saving on cost: the Storm Pro Dehumidifier helps you save on power consumption because it consumes a lower amount of energy. It has been found that if a user deploys the Storm Pro Dehumidifier for a whole year, they will have saved a whole $250. It consumes a paltry 5.56 amps per day but delivers on all its promises. Further savings accrue as a result of not using thermostats.

The Storm Pro Dehumidifier is designed to maintain a minimum humidity level of 50%. Therefore, you are saved from the burden of having to maintain the thermostat on at low temperatures and having to live in uncomfortable surroundings.

2.  Portability: Storm Pro Dehumidifier is designed with the end-user in mind. It is built with handles that are easy to hold. It is also shaped in such a way that it can fit in small spaces. You can also easily carry it in your truck or store it without having to create extra space.

3.  Durability: it is one of the most durable dehumidifiers on the market. It has a high COP, rare earth alloy tube evaporator, and a non-corrosive body that gives it a higher chance to last longer.

4.  Robust: The machine can cover an area of over 2300 square feet. It has the capacity to extract over 85 pints of water per day. The rare earth alloy tube evaporator not only give the unit a chance to last longer but also enable it to effectively drain excess moisture from your space. The unit can be deployed in water damage restoration at a commercial level and domestic use.

5.  Easy to assemble and disassemble: The Storm Pro Dehumidifier is made to be a user-friendly unit that will save you the trouble of having to seek a technician to service it. You can open it up, service it, and put it back in record time. The unit is one of the best DIY tools that have a real practical positive impact on the health and quality of life of your family and staff. It comes with a connection option for the outlet duct.

6.  An extra feature that enhances its effectiveness: the Storm Pro Dehumidifier is fitted with a roto-mold housing in a backup design. The ducting is long enough to cover several rooms at a go. It can be used in crawl spaces with ease. It features a quick pump connector which allows for both connection and disconnections.

7.  To keep yourself and your family healthy. High humidity is the prime environment for disease-causing pests to thrive. Good health is a prerequisite for production. When you stay healthy, you stay happy. A happy person is a productive worker.

8. To motivate your staff to work without feeling uncomfortable with their surroundings. A fresh and dry atmosphere at work encourages workers to  want to come to work. They will enjoy their surroundings and will be available for the delivery of service.

9.  To save money: The Storm Pro Dehumidifier has a proven track record of using minimal energy but delivers great results. It is powerful and offers you the best service at a reduced cost. You can save a lot of money each year if you switch from using the conventional dehumidifiers and try out the Storm Pro Dehumidifier.

10.  For comfort: we all desire to occupy spaces with fresh air, and free of allergy-causing agents such as mold and fungi. A moist environment makes a lot of people quite uncomfortable.

11.  Quick and efficient work. The Storm Pro Dehumidifier is a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) dehumidifier that sucks a lot of moisture from the air fast. It is, therefore, an ideal unit to deploy in environments with high humidity irrespective of the size. It can freshen and dry up the air around a space of 2300 square feet.

We live in an age when everyone wants to use the best technologies to accomplish tasks. The Storm Pro Dehumidifier is an example of a machine that has combined the ingenious of technology and the needs of the customers. 

12. User-friendly: Storm Pro Dehumidifier is designed to not only be operated by the common user but can also be opened and serviced with ease by even first time users. It comes with an easy to read user manual.

It has a steady handle that can help push and pull it around the premises that you wish to clean, with ease. The unit comes with a simple humidistat and wheels that roll around easily. The wheels are tucked under its body, to save on space and allow it to move or be stored in small spaces.

How does the Alorair Storm Pro Dehumidifier  Dehumidify?

Once you have your Storm Pro Dehumidifier in your possession, you can use it for a range of dehumidification purposes. The unit is built to serve both light and heavy-duty users.

All you need is to connect it to a power source, attach the ducting, and power the machine on. You can easily connect the unit to the pressure pump and detach it as the situation and task demands.

It has been fitted with a rare earth alloy Tube Evaporator that is designed to quickly condense the moisture that the equipment sucks in. It simultaneously releases fresh dry air into your space.

The device has been measured to carry the capacity to suck up to 70 pints of water from the internal space every day.

It is a high COP device that delivers with efficiency but still saves on energy. In fact, with Storm Pro Dehumidifier, you can save up $250 per year.

AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration is ideal for:

1.  The unit is used for removing extra moisture from rooms in residential settings and commercial premises. It is made to suck up high amounts of air from enclosed spaces.

2.  For cleaning soaked carpets, rugs, furniture, and a range of other household and office items: It provides a convenient service function ideal for places that limit the amount of noise acceptable. It does not generate high sounds but revs quietly. You can comfortably use it in hospital environments and other similar settings.

3.  Large scale water damage restoration: The unit has been made to handle large internal premises, and also been tuned to deliver the job fast. It can suck up large amounts of moisture from the air with no extra consumption of energy. Indeed, the capacity to remove large amounts of moisture is one of the performance features that make the unit attractive to a lot of users. It is easy to operate and allows users to easily open it and service it. It can be put back with ease, hence making it a user-friendly option.

4.  Protecting against mold and mildew growth. Mold, fungi, and mildew love wet and humid environments. Purchasing a dehumidification unit that allows you to constantly stave off the threat that fungi mold and mildew pose to you, your family, and or your staff is an insightful decision. We all love to operate in healthy environments. Indeed, enjoying good health is an important indicator of the quality of life that we lead.

Dehumidification saves you a lot in terms of hospital care, medical attention, and well-being in general. Keeping your premises fresh and dry is one of the basic actions you can take to cut down on the cost of maintaining good health for those that you love. When the air is kept dry, and the environment drained properly, human beings living in such settings experience a better quality of life. Your staff and family are less likely to be adversely affected. Incidents of allergy or just sheer severity are reduced significantly.

5.  Apart from the comfort good health and convenience, keeping your space dry helps to ensure that your property is preserved. Your structures will last longer in dry settings. Your clothes and appliances in the house will also be protected against the effects of mold. You also reduce the risk of accidents when you keep your space moist-free and the ground sufficiently dry.

Flooding can easily lead to the shorting of the power lines. You could easily be plunged into darkness when you least expect. The worst part of such developments is that you may have planned to use the power for completing important work assignments that you cannot carry over to the next day. Moreover, shorting of the power system and power blackout is not the worst that can happen to you.

Flooding could also lead to injury and or death. Some of the power systems in our premises carry a heavy load. Thus, if the current finds its way into your system, you could be electrocuted. Water is a good conductor. Thus, it can transmit electricity from the point of contact and spread it around your ground space and cause such accidents.

Performance of the Storm Pro Dehumidifier

Storm Pro Dehumidifier is regarded as a market leader when it comes to performance. It has been fitted with a range of features that make it cost-effective and efficient. It offers users easy access to its components for service.

It can be opened in record time and serviced safely. The unit has been designed to freshen your space by sucking out the moisture that causes odor and replacing it with dry purified air.

This equipment is a high COP and a pump filter service allowance. It has been tuned to reduce humidity to acceptable levels of between 45% and 50%: which are the ideal humidity conditions that provide comfort and deter the development and thriving of pests.

The equipment has the capacity to remove up to 85 pints of water per day. It has been tested and found to have been built with the capacity and resilience to drain moisture and water around an area of 2300 square feet.

Operating, Caring for, and maintaining the Storm Pro Dehumidifier

Like all other machines, the Storm Pro Dehumidifier needs to be maintained if it is to deliver the promised service and last long. It is important that the machine is stored in a dry environment.

It should also be cleaned and left to dry when it is not in use. Since it is easy to open, users can do so after every cleaning job. Make sure that the unit is only placed a short distance from the power source and that it is standing on dry ground.

Turn it off when it is not in use and plug it out of the power source. Living it on throughout is not only costly but could lead to poor performance in a short span of time.

You should never open the unit when it is in use, lest it causes an accident. Touching the inner sections of the unit when it is powered could not only destroy its motherboard but poses a risk of electrocution.

Thus, all power plugs must be pulled out before storage or movement. Detach the hose every time you wish to store the unit away for a while or move it to another location. When moving it, be sure to roll it on its rollers.

Storm Pro Dehumidifier should only be connected to a power source with a grounding line. You should also remember to only place it on a level surface. It should also be placed in an upright position.

It is important to pay attention to the user manual because there are some mistakes that could lead to the damaging of the unit, or even injury to the user. Avoid placing it in an overly humid environment too.

Storm Pro is a highly versatile unit designed for medium to highly demanding water drainage and dehumidification tasks. The super COP specifications make it stand out from the crowd as the dehumidification unit of choice, especially for users with varied air drying and water damage control needs.

It has long ducts to enable users to suck and extract water from corners and crawl spaces that would ordinarily be hard to reach. It is an ideal choice for most users because it is versatile and sturdy.

The unit is made simple for users to even open and service. The safety tweaks have been refined to ensure maximum protection for not only the user but the unit itself.

It occupies little space, thus making it ideal for users on the move. You can store it easily and move it with as much ease whenever there is a need.

The equipment also gives you a taste of cutting edge technology. You are treated to an automatic mechanism that can adjust to ensure that the desired humidity levels are achieved.

Features of the Storm Pro Dehumidifier

  1. Features an automatic system for defrosting
  2. Has housing in a back-up box design. It is possible to disassemble the unit fast and reassemble it
  3. It comes with a Rare earth alloy Tube Evaporator which gives the unit a longer life and stands against the elements and corrosion. It also has a side plate
  4. Features a super COP and a high capacity
  5. Heavy-duty condensate pump
  6. Features a quick cable connector
  7. Connects quickly to the pump. You can detach the pump with ease and reattach it
  8. Has multifold filters (MERV-8, Pre-filter)          
  9. Ridged handle for easy transport
  10. Provides accurate run-time measurements with an hour-time meter


 Power: 115V/60Hz  Current: 5.56A
 COP: 2.88 L/Kwh  Size For: Up to 2,300 sq.ft
 Filter: Pre Filter & MERV-8 Filter  Airflow: 210 CFM, 350 CMH
 Sound Pressure Level: <58 dBA  Wheel: 2 Large Diameter Wheels                                                   
 Refrigerant: R410A  Draining: Condensate Pump
Defrosting Control System: Auto Defrosting Functioning Temperature Range: 33.8-105℉
Functioning Humidity Range: 25~80% Capacity: 85 Pints
Weight: 93 Ibs Dim (L X W X H): 21.1 x 19.2 x 31.4 in
Loading quantity: 20”: 72 Sets;40”: 160 Sets; 40” HQ: 240 Sets  


Guides & Documents

What's in the Box:

1 - Alorair Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier

1 - Drainage pipe

1 - Clean Air Filter

1 - User Manual

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