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Light Gray Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
Dark Gray Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
Gray Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
Dark Gray Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
AlorAir Air Mover Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
AlorAir Air Mover Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
AlorAir Air Mover Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover
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Dim Gray Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover

Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover

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Color: Blue

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AlorAir Air Mover Blue Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover 757818137229

Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover

$320.00 $359.00

Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover

$320.00 $359.00
Color: Blue


When water enters the inside of your home, it causes damage and destruction of properties and furniture. It sets off a chain reaction of the skin and respiratory disorders. These could mean full commitment to the doctor’s office or hospital, which translates to lost time and money for you and your business.

That’s why you need to be prepared to fight it. So, if you are looking forward to improving on the quality of air in the house or work place, this is the unit you must buy.  

Alorair Zeus 900 Air Mover is an effective tool in drying areas destroyed by water. This tool will dry the area faster so that the bacteria and mold won’t have a chance to grow. Naturally, it helps prevent the property from being destroyed when in contact with water.

This is the most versatile air mover you can get anywhere on the market. It comes with its GFCI receptacle to protect onboard components and connected loads. This is not the case for competing products that require external GFCI protection. GFCI is not available for 220/240V to need to be customized.

Why Buy Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover

Zeus 900 air mover is a must-buy equipment. It can help circulate air in the spaces in which it is placed. It consumes little energy and can be started and stopped at any time. The unit can be deployed to dry damp areas or it can be deployed in the workplace environment.

If your home or company has suffered from water damage, you need the tool to be used in the restoration process. This tool is efficient and will dry the area faster so that the bacteria and mold don't get a chance to grow. It also prevents the property from being destroyed when it comes in contact with water. 

The Zeus 900 air mover aids in expediting the evaporation process of dehumidification as it moves the liquid away from the affected surface to immediately turn it into its gaseous phase, hence evaporation.

If the nature of your work entails cleaning carpets, drying carpets, walls and floors, Zeus 900 can effectively be deployed to blow air across the carpets, floors, and walls and help in their drying process. In fact, this is the most common application of Zeus 900. Painters use it to dry paints or surfaces that need to be painted.

If you have cabinets and furniture, cleaning under them may be a big challenge. But if you own Zeus 900, all you need is to direct it under the cabinet and furniture and it will do its work.

If you leave in hot areas, you need Zeus 900 to help in the cooling process. It is designed to provide excellent conditioning and could be used to ventilate a stuffy area.

For blowing- Since the unit circulates air at a high speed, it can be a great tool if you want to remove dirt, dust, and debris. It can also be used to keep insects at bay. It blows insects away making it difficult for them to settle down.

Zeus 900 unit comes with great features customized to meet the client's needs.

The fact that you can chain connect up to sic (6) fans allows it to perform the restoration job faster. Also it can be operated in multiple positions, meaning that it can be used to serve unique purposes such as drying walls, staircases, and horizontal positions.

The unit can also be used to dry ceilings faster than any other units. So depending on the area you will be working on, it can do the job even when space is limited.  

The unit delivers 950 CFM of air and comes fitted with a convenient carry handle that makes moving it to designated areas easier.

Benefits of the Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover 

1. Restoration of Valuables

At times, we experience unforeseen incidents that harm our most protected and prized possessions. But given the right equipment, it is still possible to somehow salvage those that can still be restored. A reliable air mover is essential for this kind of job if the impairment is caused by any water damage.

2. Promotes Healthy Indoor Air Quality 

When an enclosed area lacks the right air circulation, persons inside tend to experience drowsiness, fatigue, concentration disorders, dizziness, and shortness of breath. Using an air mover will reduce the chance of these health risks happening as it effectively provides sufficient air ventilation. This, however, should be paired with other essential efforts such as providing windows or exhaust fans. This is also the case for veering away unpleasant odors in your surroundings.

 3. Optimal Restoration Assistance

Because of its superb features and specifications, users are assured to obtain maximum performance to ease their restoration job. It is portable, durable, and very reliable when it comes to heavy water damage restoration projects.

 4. Protection of Properties Against Damage

An air mover is the best companion to a dehumidifier. As the dehumidifier creates the most suitable breathing atmosphere in your home, it simultaneously keeps it inhospitable for harmful microorganisms to thrive and harm your valuables. You would not need to worry about molds in your clothes or shoes, damaged electrical wiring, and other related issues that come from excess moisture. Moreover, the use of an air mover in an industrial setting is highly reliable in preventing large equipment and machinery from overheating.

 5. Conducive Workplace for Higher Productivity

It is a proven fact that a workplace is positively affected by its favorable breathing atmosphere. By providing clean and safe ventilation, employees are certain to provide optimal productivity and benefit from each other’s motivated work ethic.

 6. Protection from Diseases

As the use of an air mover compliments that of a dehumidifier, it helps prevent harmful entities such as molds and insects to thrive in your home/office which can bring various health risks such as allergies, skin irritation, respiratory illness, immune-related diseases, dengue, and malaria. With the aid of an air mover, their chance of inhabiting lowers tremendously, therefore, providing you a safer place to live or work in.

Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover is ideal for:

1. Construction work

Any commercial or industrial construction site must have an air mover. The tool can be used for blowing and removing fumes. Zeus 900 is one of the units that is widely deployed in construction sites. It gets the blowing and the cleaning job done in record time. It allows employees to accomplish tasks faster.

2. Removing fumes

Zeus 900 is widely relied on to remove air fumes in laboratories factories and offices. The energy-efficient air blower comes with unique features that make it ideal for water restoration purposes. It uses minimal power and blows air at a faster rate to eliminate fumes quickly. The unit can be relied on to remove fumes and gasses from an area at an instant.  It can be used to ventilate an area as well as cooling down appliances.

3. In Industrial Cleaning

Air movers find a lot of applications in industrial cleaning. In some cases, they are deployed to increase air circulation and speed up evaporation in the drying process. The equipment can also be used to compress air to maximize airflow. Manufacturing companies can deploy it to dry products.  It can also be used in paint drying and removing fumes from gases.

4. In restoration works

In homes and offices, the unit can be used in fire and water restoration. It can also be used in wood floor drying, carpet drying, warehouses, kitchens, concrete drying, and many other plications.  

5. Other Areas Where It Is Applied

•    In fire departments

•    In Manholes

•    In construction sites

•    In areas that are confined

•    It can also be used in Municipalities

•    In tunnels

•    In mines and shafts

•    In cleaning all types of tanks

•    In vault cleaning

•    In welding booths

•    In the storage area

•    In factories

When Using Zeus 900 Air Mover

The Zeus 900 Air Mover reaches its optimum performance while used under the following conditions:

•    Check the power code to ensure that it is not broken.

•    The unit is plugged into a standard GFCI protected outlet. GFCI protection promotes operator safety in wet applications

•    The air outlet should be pointed towards the area that must be dried.

•    Airflow must be adjusted up and down.

•    Turn the unit off once the unit is dry.

When you buy the unit, ensure that it is well maintained if you want to benefit from the wide range of services it offers. Check and ensure that the unit is properly installed. Also, care should be taken during day-to-day usage.  Check out for corrosion and freezing.

Features of Alorair® Zeus 900 Air Mover

  • It is small in size- it can fit in a car and transport with ease. 
  • Comes fitted with a circuit breaker – the breaker protects the air mover and any other attached device. It prevents unnecessary opening of the junction box. The circuit breaker protects you from shock risks and fire. It cuts off power to the machine if it is overloaded. Also, when the ground is found to be faulty it disconnects the unit from the power supply.
  • It draws a current of 1.9 amps at maximum speed- this allows it to dry carpet even faster than any other product from competitors. It has a high-velocity airflow that allows it to dry a larger area.
  • It is GFCI compliant- the unit promotes the operator's safety especially during the wet conditions. Ensure that it is grounded to eliminate electrical shock and fire.
  • Is a daisy chain unit that allows having up to 6 fans on a 15 amp circuit.
  • Comes with a 20 ft. AC cord- this is essential when you want the unit to serve areas that are far away from a power outlet.
  • Has an automatic hour meter display site.
  • Allows for interlocking of units- This is important especially if you are operating in areas that are limited in space. It also allows you to store the unit easily. You can stack the units together with each unit facing in a different direction for quick dehumidification
  • Comes with a maintenance-free bearing motor – it allows the unit to operate at very low noise.  If the motor is kept free of dust, it reduces the chances of overheating. Ensure you get the motor cleaned with a vacuum pump.
  • It is capable of over 950 CFM- this is a greater velocity than any other equipment from competitors is capable of delivering.
  • Comes with a Flex handle- this makes transporting the unit easier.
  • Comes with 5 drying positions that maximize flexibility.-this is critical if you want to improve the entire area and remove environmental hazards that are likely to threaten the lives of your loved ones.
  • It is lightweight – the unit is linear low-density polyethylene housing. It is compact and washable and chemical resistant. The fact that it is lightweight means that it can fit in vehicle space.
  • Features HEPA media – this is an important feature that ensures that all particles are removed during restoration. It is rugged and gives you solid control of its usage. 
  • Cleaning and maintaining the unit is easy. All you need to do is to disassemble the housing and clean it. Also, you don’t need expensive chemicals to clean it. A wet piece of cloth and some pressurized air will be sufficient.





Fan 6 Blades

Control On/Off Switch With Variable Speed

Voltage 115 V/AC (220V/AC need to be customized)

Current 1.8 Amps (High Speed) @115 V/AC,0.6Amps (High Speed)

Cord 20 ft Power Cord

Outlet 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle

Airflow Approximately 950

Sound Pressure Level <69 DbA

Weight 19.2 Lbs(9.0KG)

Warranty 1 Year - 100% parts and labor(all components)

2 Years - 100% parts only (all components)

3-7 Years - Materials and workmanship of the housing only.

Static Pressure 1.7 in./H2O

Shipping Dim(W × H × D) 17.4” × 9.85” × 21.65”


Zeuz 900 comes with a warranty. It means that if the product does not deliver on its promises or malfunction, you can return it and have it serviced. If it is established that the unit cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.

Features both replaceable and irreplaceable parts. Here are the replaceable parts:

•    Circuit breaker

•    Blade

•    Hour meter

•    Grill exhaust

•    Impeller assembly

•    Rubber feet

•    Outlet GFCI, 15A

•    Duct Lay Flat

•    Features consumable parts that include a battery, valves, switches, rubber parts, and power cords.





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